Summary of selected reference projects:

International Facility Management and Baselining

  • Cost analysis and contractual negotiations for an industry facility management contract in France


  • Investigation and documentation of the construction progress of the Siemens Nacelle Factory, Cuxhaven, Germany


  • Project lead of the construction and production of a hydraulically controlled press for a client from the color industry
  • Maintenance management of the hydraulic installations at industrial production sites
  • Planning and construction of hydraulic power units

Windpower / Energy / Renewables

  • Collaboration in projects for establishing the grid connection of offshore wind farms in the German North Sea
  • Planning, EU tender, conduct of negotiations and evaluation of ground investigations for cable connections to offshore wind farms
  • Definition and implementation of project management processes for a major company


  • Planning and conducting of ground water monitoring programs of gravel pits
  • Planning of new ground water monitoring wells and of a comprehensive environmental monitoring for the Siemens Engine Plant Ruhstorf
  • Planning and realisation of soil surveys of former military firing ranges
  • Process planning and evaluation of ground water measurements in Eggenfelden, Germany
  • Planning and invitation to tender for initial site investigations of disposal sites
  • Planning and invitation to tender for a seismic soil investigation to prepare construction measures along a federal road in Germany
  • Landscape design for the renaturation of gravel pits
  • Planning and supervision of well drillings


  • IT rollout project for American Express and launch of a new operation system in the clients Business Travel Centers in Germany
  • IT support in the BMW plant Dingolfing, Germany
  • Performance of a hardware rollout in the Pfizer plant Freiburg including new software implementation as well as planning and conducting of staff training

Science / Geoscience / Geophysics

  • Aerogeophysical measurement project for potential field mapping in the Scotia Sea, Antarctic Region
  • Aerogeophysical measurement project for mapping the magnetic field around the polar research station Syowa and in the Lützow-Holm-Bay, Antarctica
  • Aerogeophysical measurement project for potential field mapping in the Pine Island Bay, Amundsen Sea, Antarctica
  • Aerogeophysical measurement project for ice thickness measurements in the High Arctic Region during the International Polar Year 2007/2008
  • International geoscientific project for investigating the deep crustal structure at the continental margin of Mosambique
  • International maritime geoscientific project for mapping the potential of the Mosambique Ridge offshore the East coast of South Africa
  • Seismic measurement project for investigating the crustal and sedimentary structure at the continental margin of North East Greenland
  • Land-based aerogeophysical project for mapping the potential field of the Astrid Ridge, Antarctica
  • Participation in six research expeditions, mainly to polar regions